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Team JK

Residential Sales Team


Comprising of Janis Upton and Krissie Maguire Team JK is made up of two likeminded hardworking individuals who came together at the end of 2016 and have been an inseparable duo ever since. The fact that they are both mothers of two daughters, grandmothers twice over each, enjoy the same varietal of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, love living and working in the Eastern Bays and both have a penchant for shoes, forms the basis for a great friendship and a sound working relationship.

In business Janis brings a wealth of knowledge in conveyancing and property law from the UK and with her love of interior design and attention to detail she is the details member of this dynamic duo.

Krissie, having spent the majority of her working life in sales in one form or another and having grown up a child in a Real Estate family – she knew early on that Real Estate and the people who reside and yearn for it was her calling! Her warm sunny personality makes her an easy fit in any crowd and her ‘can do’ attitude plus her desire to see the job done and done well makes up the other half of the JK Team.

Krissie & Janis came together to work as one team after successfully selling many properties by themselves. These two dynamic women combine their collective talents to provide their clients with one effective and efficient service. The results speak for themselves! Since joining forces their growth has been phenomenal. Ultimately their clients are the benefactors of this growth. Working as a team enables them to bring both individual ideas and flavour to a client’s campaign but when push comes to shove, they always agree on the important things. Honesty, integrity, results and fun are the core of their business. They aim to make your next transaction as smooth as possible and hope to have a little fun with you along the way too!

Together Krissie and Janis make a formidable team and with their dynamism and strong work ethic running through everything they do means you should put the girls at the top of your call list.

Whether buying or selling Team JK should be on your speed dial!

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