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Naomi Daniel

Licensee Salesperson


When it comes to property you want an agent with the full trifecta of talent - razor-sharp performance – a solid, results-driven work ethic with a hurricane force of energy. Naomi is the epitome of all this and it’s her personal concern to see dreams come true with your greatest asset. 

You could say Naomi Daniel lives and breathes real estate, having been connected to the fast-paced industry for 26 years supporting her husband's successful real estate career, along with her own portfolio of investment properties, all whilst juggling motherhood and family life. It was a natural decision to move into a business she knows and understands so well – one which she feels excited to get her teeth into. 

When it comes to preparing a home for sale, Naomi’s experience in renovations and beautifying spaces has enabled her an important perspective.  Even small things done to a property can positively impact how a buyer views the home. Presentation of your property is key, Naomi’s eye for detail will guide you every step to ensure your best foot is forward when buyers walk through the door. 

With a passion for keeping fit, Naomi loves the philosophy of classical pilates where precision and form lay the foundation of success. It is this philosophy that amplifies her strong work ethic and vivacious nature - so much so that when you’re working with Naomi you’ll know she won’t rest till the very best outcome has been achieved. 

Naomi’s well-known ability to connect with people, compassionate spirit and tenacity give her the leading edge. You’ll know you’ve been truly listened to with empathy, and the trust built will give you the confidence to steam forward in what can be a stressful and challenging time. 

When it comes to selling your most prized possession you want a first-class real estate experience. Naomi with her super bubbly personality and passionate approach to life is ready to step into your journey today – because she knowsyour home is importantand so are you! 

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