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Alexander Sharman

Licensee Salesperson

Acute, dedicated, and respected.  

Alexander has worked across two luxury residential brands for the previous 3 years focusing on the affluent Eastern & Central suburbs of Auckland City, all while being party to multiple negotiations of properties worth $5M and above. He has subsequently built himself a name and a substantial claim in the Eastern Bays property market, with a determined and expansive mindset that cultivates success.

His athletic and ambitious attitude towards selling puts him in a higher calibre. Alexander’s energy, initiative, and willpower enable him to work competently in and around prestigious property as he believes heavily in the aptitude of life. Alexander thrives on the energetic pace that the industry demands while his extensive market knowledge and shrewd negotiating skills speak for themselves.

Originally from southern England, Alexander moved to New Zealand and attended his secondary and tertiary education, travelling often to various parts of the world throughout his childhood and young adult life. Travelling subsequently gave Alexander a real insight into the anthropology of different cultures and an understanding of where people's beliefs, motivations, and actions stem from. 

While studying International Business & Economics at The University Of Auckland, Alexander initiated, developed, and sold start-ups working alongside venture capitalists that in turn naturally engaged his negotiating, marketing, and entrepreneurial instincts at an early age. Alexander's youthful involvement in the arts, starting in theatre and subsequently moving to more challenging on-screen roles in international series and films committed Alexander to build resilience, professionalism, and determination in high-pressure situations.

Due to his educated and entrepreneurial background Alexander's detailed knowledge of core marketing strategies, business, and legal concepts have been pivotal in his early success in real estate. 

Alexander believes in getting a jump start and says he is up at the crack of dawn, checks his emails, NASDAQ opening movements, world affairs, and then attends either his usual boxing classes or rather embarrassingly attempting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Alexander tries to avoid social gatherings and avoids the A-list wannabe crowd.